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London Sash Windows is your premier destination for a stunning collection of Victorian Sash windows, expertly crafted from top-quality materials. Our exquisite sash windows are exclusively available to Putney homeowners, adding a dash of traditional charm to homes throughout this vibrant neighbourhood.

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Traditional Aesthetics

Our contemporary sash window designs offer an exceptional opportunity to not only enhance the performance of your Putney property but also to retain its timeless charm. These sash profiles have been meticulously engineered to faithfully replicate the appearance of traditional timber sash windows. They come with an array of customizable performance enhancements to elevate your property’s functionality.

Victorian Features

Victorian Sash windows are celebrated for their distinctive, period-appropriate aesthetics, making them the perfect choice for heritage-style properties. These unique designs feature larger panes of glass adorned with decorative astragal bars and sash horns.

Bespoke astragal bars are thoughtfully integrated into the design to recreate the authentic look of Victorian sash windows. In the 1850s, large bay windows emerged as a defining feature of many Victorian-style homes, often spanning 2 or 3 stories.

This era also saw the advent of larger glass sheets, reducing the number of astragal bars. Victorian sash window frames were typically more robust than earlier styles, featuring mortise and tenon joints along with distinctive sash horns.

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Decorative Features

Victorian sash windows in Putney come adorned with traditional sash horns, decorative astragal bars, and other ornate architraves, bestowing your new profiles with a character-filled appearance that faithfully captures the essence of Victorian-era sash windows.



A Selection of Colours

When selecting your new Victorian sash windows in Putney, you’ll be delighted to discover a wide range of colour options to match your vision. From timeless White and Cream to the more daring Chartwell Green and Anthracite Grey, you have the freedom to choose shades that align with your preferences.

We also offer a variety of woodgrain finishes, allowing you to replicate the look of traditional timber sash windows without the associated costs and demanding maintenance.

Impressive Thermal Performance


Our Victorian sash windows in Putney proudly boast an impressive A+ Windows Energy Rating, ensuring that your Putney home remains well-insulated year-round. This not only reduces your energy consumption but also trims your future energy bills. Come rain or shine, rest assured that your new Victorian sliding sash windows will keep your property cozy and dry.


Enhanced Security

We’ve taken every measure to design our Victorian Sash windows in Putney with your home’s safety in mind. These profiles come equipped with standard shoot bolt locking systems, ensuring the security of your property and its contents.

Victorian Sash Window Price Guide

For period-style home or a traditional properties in Putney, our Victorian sash windows provide a perfect home improvement solution. These profiles are crafted by the industry-leading brand, Victorian Sliders, using modern materials and innovative technology to ensure that the windows are both practical and stylish.

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 10 Year Guarantee


Your new Victorian sliding sash windows are built to stand the test of time. All our Victorian sash windows come with a comprehensive 10-year guarantee, providing you with peace of mind.

Victorian Sash Windows Prices Putney

We take immense pride in offering high-quality sash windows exclusively for the Putney community.

To get an estimate on your new sash windows, utilize our convenient online quote tool. Input your details, and you’ll receive a personalised quote for your Victorian sliding sash windows in Putney. Choose from various designs, colors, and configurations to create bespoke windows that perfectly complement your property’s style.

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What are Horns on Sash Windows?

Sash horns are a key feature that makes sash windows instantly recognisable. They replicate the look of original timber sash windows, providing a continuous part of the frame that extends and can be shaped into a stunning end piece.

What are Victorian Sash Windows?

Victorian sash windows typically feature two over two configurations with ornate sash horns and bespoke astragal bars for added authenticity and decoration.

Why Choose uPVC Sash Windows?

uPVC sash windows are the superior choice over timber sash windows if you are looking for a low maintenance and long lasting window. They offer characteristic appearances that will add traditional charm to any property and an impressive range of performance benefits such as improved security, durability, insulation, and weatherproofing.