What Affects Window Prices?

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Edwardian Sash Windows

If you’ve spent much time researching the cost of new windows, you may have noticed that they have no set figure. It fluctuates so much that the price of a window installation can even vary within the same company! Two neighbouring houses could order similar windows at the same time and not pay the same thing.

Here at London Sash Windows, we realise this can be irritating when budgeting for new windows. If you could type “how much does a sliding sash window cost” into Google and get a straightforward answer, it would make life easier, but sadly that’s not the case. But why? What exactly is it that makes new window prices so fluid? Let’s take a closer look at the various factors at play. 

Style And Material

Next time you take a walk around your neighbourhood, pay attention to all the windows and you’ll notice a lot of differences. One reason why window prices are so diverse is that they don’t look identical, there’s a surprisingly large amount of variety. It stands to reason that a single sliding sash window would be cheaper than a grandiose bay window.

The material plays a part as well. The majority of windows in the UK are made with one of three materials; timber, uPVC or aluminium. There are others such as steel, and even combinations such as aluminium-clad timber windows (sometimes referred to as ‘aluclad’), but these three are the most common. Each one has strengths and weaknesses, but they all come with a different price tag. 

Of the three, uPVC tends to be the cheapest. Timber is the most expensive, while aluminium sits comfortably in the middle. Industry professionals have differing opinions on which is the best, but we tend to favour uPVC. It’s more affordable, long-lasting, thermally efficient and highly versatile. As far as we’re concerned, it’s the best option. 

Finally, the style of your sliding sash window may be different from your neighbour’s window: a vertical slider can be a Victorian sliding sash, Georgian sash or Edwardian sliding window – there’s lots to choose from. 

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Vertical Sliders Glazing 

Aside from the size, style and materials, your choice of glazing can affect the price. The vast majority of home improvement companies in the country, ourselves included, provide double glazing as standard. Double glazing prices are relatively stable across the market, but there are a couple of extras that can drive it up. For example, you may have heard of Low E glass, a type of glazing that’s often used in conservatories. It contains a microscopic coating that improves thermal efficiency and is useful for making extensions more comfortable, but it does cost more than standard double glazing. 

Other options include acoustic glass for soundproofing (very useful if you live near a heavy metal bar or busy road), or toughened safety glass, which is widely used for office towers and shop fronts. A lot of companies also offer triple glazing, which adds a third pane of glass and improves the performance levels even further. These types of glass all have their benefits, but they also put the price up.

Sash Windows Location And Installation

One other factor that either raises or lowers the price is the project location. This is easy to overlook, but the truth is that transporting windows to the site costs money. Window professionals will always try to make this as fair as possible, but occasionally it has an impact. For example, if two customers ordered identical sets of windows, but one lived in a remote village halfway up the Pennine mountains and the other lived opposite their installer, the latter would pay less. We’re based in London and we’re lucky to have plenty of available travel options, but a company based in say, rural Scotland, may have to travel further to deliver their products.  

Lastly, there are the installation costs. We complete this work ourselves and will factor it into the asking price, but not every home improvement company does this. When ordering new windows, it’s always worth asking if installation is included in the service. Some companies will arrange for local installers to complete the work but don’t include the hourly rates for the workers or other external costs. If that’s the case, it can be irritating to plan a budget for your new windows only to discover a few unexpected extra expenses at the end. 


When you consider all this, it’s not surprising that window prices vary so much. Here at London Sash Windows, we try to be as upfront as possible about our costs. If you’d like a rough overview, you can check out our sash window prices guide. Alternatively, if you’d like a more personalised estimate, we’d recommend getting a no-obligation online quote. As London’s premier sash window company, we’re proud to be open and transparent, so get in touch and let’s see what we can do for you.

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