Why are Victorian Sash Windows So Popular?

Victorian sash windows add a beautiful, timeless elegance to any home. This window style is perfect for heritage and modern homes alike, and despite their aged appearance, the sliding sash windows we offer also offer modern functionality. London Sash provides the best sliding sash windows in the London area.

Are you interested in upgrading your home with this stunning traditional window style? London Sash Windows have a team of experts on hand to guide you through the decision and purchasing process, and our team of installers can install your new Victorian sash windows with precision and care. 

In this article, we are going to discuss why Victorian sash windows are so popular in the modern consumer market, and what makes them so appealing to consumers in 2024.

Large home with sliding sash windows and porch

Aesthetics with Traditional Roots

Victorian sash windows are perfect for traditional, period or heritage homes. This style of sash replicates traditional timber sliding sash windows; however, they are more durable in adverse weather and have modern security features. 

These windows can also be fitted with traditional hardware such as sash horns and decorative astragal bars. These elements add to the classic feel of these windows, ensuring they are encompassing the Victorian era. 

This sliding window sash style is also created using wider panes of glass, which reflects traditional windows built into homes in the Victorian era, therefore adding a wider viewing platform from the window itself and also allowing an abundance of natural light into the house. 

Modern Functionality 

The modern functionality of sash windows is a juxtaposition to their traditional style aesthetic. Fitted with modern security features such as shoot bolt locking systems, this style of window, although designed with traditional aesthetics in mind, keeps your home and family’s security at the forefront.

This style of traditional sash windows is also great for bustling households, as they are low maintenance. Due to the frame material, you can wipe the windows and frames over with a damp cloth to keep your windows looking new and fresh for longer.


All of the Victorian sliding sash windows we offer are fully customisable to your home and personal taste. Our bespoke sliding sash windows come in a wide range of colours, from subtle creams and whites to bold greens and greys, allowing your windows to be an external feature of your home and visually appealing for you and passersby. 

We also offer our sash windows to homeowners in London with woodgrain foil finishes, perfect for homeowners who are looking to recreate traditional aesthetics directly into their period or heritage home. This allows the window frames to keep the classic wooden look, despite being made from more robust and more durable materials. 

A Popular Choice for Energy Efficiency

Although keeping your property’s classic aesthetic and feel is crucial when exploring home upgrade options, it is also essential to keep in mind the energy efficiency of your window upgrades. 

As expected, you’d like your new windows to have a positive impact on your energy bills in the longer term. Our Victorian sash windows are fitted with double glazing, which traps pockets of warm air within the glazing to ensure cold draughts cannot enter through the window glass itself. Due to the fact that our sliding sash windows are made from alternative materials such as uPVC, you can rest assured that your window frames will not rot, warp or twist in adverse weather conditions, and will also not absorb water on rainy days the way that traditional wooden windows may, ensuring that your home is kept warm and dry and not at risk of damp. 

Adaptable to all homes

Although Victorian sliding sash windows are ideal for keeping the traditional feel of period and heritage homes, there is no reason why you shouldn’t choose this style of window for your modern home. They add an element of elegance and class to any property, and their modern functionality means you are not choosing aesthetics over functionality.

Our range of sliding sash windows London

We also offer a range of sliding sash windows with different functionalities and features. Our Georgian sash windows offer a six-over-six glass panel style, separated by integral bars. They are also fitted with run through sash horns, to continue the sash window functionality and look throughout the frame and hardware. Our Edwardian range of sash windows is also a popular choice for traditional homes, as they combine a sectioned glass pane with integral bars with a single glass pane, for an uninterrupted external view from the window.

Has this article made you consider Victorian sliding sash windows for your next home improvement property? London Sash are here to help with all of your London home improvement projects. We are FENSA approved and BSI certified and are a family-oriented local brand that you can trust with your home upgrade projects! You can contact us at 020 7043 2461, or you can get an online, hassle-free quote!

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