The Definitive Guide to Sash Windows: Timeless Elegance for Your Home

Sash windows are a classic and timeless feature often found in traditional, period or heritage homes. They consist of one or more movable panels, known as sashes, that slide vertically within the window frame. This unique design allows for easy ventilation and adds a touch of elegance to any home.

How Do Sash Windows Work?

The mechanism of a sash window sets it apart from other window types. To facilitate smooth operation, the weight of the glazed panel is usually balanced by a heavy steel, lead, or cast-iron sash weight or counterweight concealed within the window frame. This ensures that the sashes can be easily opened and closed without much effort.

They work by having one static panel and one or more sliding glass panes. You open the window by sliding the moving pane up or down. This is balanced with a counterweight within the frame, which enables the window to stay open at any point within its sliding tracks.

Which Properties Are Best Suited For Sash Windows?

Sash windows are commonly used in heritage or period residences, but different styles can be used across all property types. Due to their traditional aesthetic, they are particularly popular in Georgian and Victorian houses. The classic arrangement of a sash window features three panes across by two up on each sash, giving a six-over-six-panel window appearance. However, there are different styles of sash windows, which come in various configurations to suit different architectural property styles.

large home with Georgian sash windows installed

Benefits of Sash Windows

Great Ventilation

The vertical sliding design of sliding sash windows allows for easy ventilation control. By opening the top and bottom sashes, you can create a natural airflow that helps to regulate the temperature and improve indoor air quality within your home.

Thermal and Energy Efficiency

Sash windows are known for their excellent insulation properties. When properly maintained and fitted with double glazing, they can effectively reduce heat loss and noise transmission, making your home more energy-efficient and comfortable. 

Our sliding sash windows are manufactured and designed with an innovative six-chambered profile. This makes them ideal for properties looking to reduce their monthly energy bills, as you will rely less on your central heating to keep your home warm. 

Character Aesthetics

Sash windows also have a timeless charm that adds character to any property. Their elegant design and traditional craftsmanship can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your home, both from the inside and outside.

Our sash windows can also be fitted with replica hardware, ensuring your property matches its build and era aesthetics. This includes hardware options such as sash horns and locks.

Modern Functionality

Our sliding sash windows offer tilt and turn function, combining timeless aesthetics with modern functionality. This allows you to improve the ventilation within your home, creates the opportunity for you to clean your windows with ease, and keeps your home safe and secure. You can tilt your windows with the press of a button, so the function is also simple to use.


Sash windows from London Sash are rigorously tested and come with high levels of security built into their construction. Our sash windows are PAS24 tested and approved and fitted with high-quality cam locks. These locking mechanisms, paired with double glazing, make your home secure against intruders and forced entry.


Sliding sash windows from London Sash are available in a range of colour options so you can match your new windows perfectly to your home. We also offer woodgrain foils, which are designed to look like traditional wooden/timber windows but are much more weatherproof and do not need the same level of upkeep that traditional wooden frames would. 

Victorian sash window in brick home

Maintaining Sash Windows

Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of your sash windows. Here are a few tips to keep them in top condition:

  1. Clean the glass and frames regularly using a mild detergent and a soft cloth. Avoid using abrasive cleaners or harsh chemicals that can damage the glass or finish.
  2. Check the sash cords and pulleys for signs of wear or damage. Replace any worn-out cords or faulty pulleys to ensure smooth operation.
  3. Ensure that the moving parts of the window, such as the sash channels and hinges, are lubricated to prevent sticking or friction.
  4. Inspect the window frames for any cracks, rot, or decay. Repair or replace damaged sections promptly to prevent further deterioration.

Choosing the Right Sash Windows for Your Home

When selecting sash windows for your home, consider factors such as style, material, and glazing options. uPVC sash windows provide enhanced durability, low maintenance, and improved security and weatherproofing.

Double glazing is highly recommended for your new sash windows, as this allows improved energy efficiency and noise reduction. It consists of two glass panes with a layer of insulating gas in between, which helps to keep your home warm in winter and cool in summer, therefore allowing you to rely less on your central heating or air conditioning in the long term, causing an appreciated drop in your energy bills.

We offer a range of sliding sash window styles for your home, so you do not have to settle for a window that is not ideally suited to your house to improve your property’s performance.

Edwardian sash window with white frame

Sash Window Styles From London Sash

Sliding Sash Windows

Here at London Sash, we offer traditional uPVC sliding sash windows that provide enhanced aesthetics, modern functionality, and improved performance. Our sliding sash windows offer enhanced security, as they are fitted with highly secure locking mechanisms. They are safe for your home due to the fitted resistors that stop the window from closing, protecting your and your family’s fingers from getting caught in the window.

Our sliding sash windows can also be tailored to your home due to the multiple colour and wood grain options we offer, as well as the option for additional decorative hardware and glazing.

Georgian Sash Windows

Georgian sash windows come with a six-over-six glazing design, making them the ideal traditional-look windows for period properties. They can be fitted with integrated horns, which appeal to homeowners looking to replicate an authentic Georgian sash window look. They are highly secure, weatherproof against adverse conditions and come with a 10-year guarantee when purchased and installed through London Sash.

Victorian Sash Windows

Victorian sash windows bear a similar design to the Georgian sash windows. However, they are designed with a two-over-two design, creating a 4 by-4 grid look. Victorian sash windows are also available with decorative integral bars and sash horns for authenticity and come in a range of colours. They also perform with an A+ Window Energy Rating, making them ideal for homeowners who are concerned about their property’s home performance.

Edwardian Sash Windows

Edwardian sash windows are an entirely different design look for your home. Edwardian sash windows feature a single pane window with no decorative features, and a top sash that features multiple glazing bars. Our Edwardian sash windows are also available in a range of colours and woodgrain foils, so you can design your new windows to fit your property perfectly. They are also an ideal timber alternative style, as uPVC performs better than traditional timber in terms of weatherproofing and energy efficiency. However, with the addition of our woodgrain foils, they can look the same as a traditional wooden window.

Secondary Glazing

Here at London Sash, we understand that sometimes you do not need to replace the entire window but do need to make some changes that will allow your home to perform better. We offer secondary glazing for homeowners looking for a cost-effective way of improving their property’s energy and thermal performance and security. Secondary glazing can be installed in a variety of window styles and is ideal for heritage or listed homes, where replacing your windows is the most restrictive process.

internal view of sash window with tilt function open

Here at London Sash Windows, we offer a wide range of high-quality sash windows to suit various architectural styles and personal preferences. Our expert team can guide you through the selection process and help you choose the perfect windows for your home. Sash windows are a beautiful and practical choice for homeowners looking to enhance the charm and functionality of their homes. With their timeless design, excellent ventilation control, and energy efficiency, they offer a range of benefits that make them a popular choice.

If you’re considering sash windows for your home, contact London Sash Windows today for a free quote or for more information on the services we offer. Our friendly team is here to help you make the right choice and transform your home with our high-quality products. You can be sure you will receive high-quality products and services from London Sash. We offer sash window installation for homeowners in South West London, including Putney, Earlsfield, Croydon and the surrounding areas.


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