Double Glazed Sash Windows, London

Heritage Looks & Fantastic Heat Performance

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Double glazed sash windows are an easy and efficient way to improve the performance of any heritage property, as well as modern homes that need a traditional style. These windows are much better than old-style timber windows at insulating your London home, mainly because of their clever uPVC profile.

Additionally, our double glazed sash windows also give you the benefit of double glazing for a warmer and more energy efficient home. These windows are incredibly well-insulated and secure. Additionally, they are also much easier to care for than wooden windows. As a result, you get windows that meet the requirements of Building Regulations and give you fantastic Energy Ratings.

Double Glazed Sash Windows, London

High-Quality Double Glazed Sash Windows in London

Double glazed sash windows utilise the heat efficiency provided by double glazing. What is double glazing? It is a method of glazing your windows with double panes of glass to prevent heat loss. How does it work? It works by insulating your home against heat loss while also trapping the solar energy so your home is warmer without central heating.

The glass we use is treated to allow the sun’s light to enter the room, but it does not allow the resultant heat to escape. Additionally, the two panes of glass create a sealed unit which is filled with an insulating gas. This gap creates a blanket which does not allow heat loss through conduction or convection. In fact, our efficient installation also gives you a home that is free from cold draughts as well as rainwater seeping in.

Double Glazed Sash Window Installers London

Smoothly Operating Double Glazed Sash Windows

Our double glazed sliding sash windows are innovatively crafted to give you smoother functioning. Instead of the old-fashioned pulley system, which was unreliable and inefficient, we give you double glazed sliding windows that use spring balances. This means your windows are less likely to jam or slam down when you try to shut them.

Since they are so easy to operate, you get less wear and tear in the opening mechanism. As a result, your double glazed sash windows give you years of effortless operation. These durable double glazed sliding windows thus prove to be a worthwhile investment, giving you high returns for a much longer time.

Attractive Double Glazed Sash Windows Installed Reliably

Our selection of double glazed vertically sliding sash windows give you more than just incredible heat performance. These windows are quite secure as well, with their advanced locking systems that give you up to Secured by Design standards of protection.

Additionally, our sash windows also give you tailored style to blend in beautifully with your London home. You can decide the colour of your double glazed sash windows to match your property or even your décor. We offer a spectacular spectrum of colours from which you can choose.

We also offer a gorgeous range of woodgrain finishes. You can use these to convert your windows to match the timber aesthetic of your home. These realistic wood finishes are indistinguishable from actual wood, allowing you to replace your heritage home’s windows with our double glazed sash windows easily. We even give you authentic detailing to choose from, like Georgian bars and monkey tail handles.

Durable Double Glazed Sliding Sash Windows

Our hard-wearing sash windows are made of durable materials to give you longer-lasting service. We also ensure that we work only with the most qualified and professional installation teams. This gives you double glazed sash window installations that are fully-compliant and efficient. These windows give you all the feature you desire, and they continue to perform for years.

What’s more, our installation team will give you courteous and speedy service, while maintaining the highest standards of safety. In the end, you will have efficiently-installed sash windows without much disruption to your daily life.

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Should you have any questions, or need any guidance, when it comes to choosing your sliding sash windows, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have a friendly and helpful team on hand waiting to assist you. There’s no hard sell from our dedicated customer service team, as we thrive on quality and not quantity. We want you to have a relaxed experience that epitomises excellence.

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Double Glazed Sash Window Prices, London

At Alaskan Sash Windows, we believe in giving you competitive double glazed sash window prices for your home improvement needs in London. While the material, hardware, and glazing do affect your double glazed sash window cost, we ensure that we keep our prices as affordable as well can.

If you need a quick sash window cost estimate, we offer our online quote engine. This is a tool designed to give you instant prices once you have entered your double glazed sliding window specifications. In fact, you can use it multiple times to get as many quotes as you want, until you are satisfied with the window as well as the price.

Once you have the configuration and the double glazed sash window quote you are happy with, you can get in touch with us to discuss your order. Simply give us the unique reference number for your quote and we will help you get the best possible sash windows for your London home. You can also contact us for a bespoke double glazed sash window quote directly.

Double Glazed Sash Window FAQ’s

Can Sash Windows be Double Glazed?

Modern sash windows can be double glazed, but if you are in a listed building or conservation area where you are not allowed to replace your sash windows with double glazing, you can look at applying secondary glazing to your London property.

What Colours Do Sash Windows Come in?

uPVC sash windows are available in both a selection of block colours such as Cream, Chartwell Green, Grey, Smooth White, Black, and White, and woodgrain foils such as Irish Oak, Cherrywood, and Golden Oak. Woodgrain coloured sash windows can easily replicate the traditional wood appearance.

How Can I Improve the Security of My Sash Windows?

All of our uPVC sash windows come equipped with state of the art key locking mechanisms and are more secure than the classic timber sash windows. Sash catches will secure the bottom sash, while sash stops allow the windows to be opened partially for ventilation with little room for unwanted visitors. We offer different glazing options which will also help.

How Can I Soundproof my Sash Windows?

Whilst we offer double glazing with our sash windows, the best way to soundproof your existing sash windows is with secondary glazing. We offer secondary glazing installations that will reduce the noise pollution of your home, helping to keep loud and unwanted noises from affecting your everyday life.