Sliding Sash Windows in Clapham

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London Sash Windows can offer amazing replacement sash windows for homes in Clapham at competitive prices. With these traditional windows, you can get a design for your home that blends old with new. You can benefit from a classic window design with a sash finish that replicates wooden windows, but you’ll also get advanced double glazing and durable uPVC to make them perform far better.

With our uPVC sliding sash windows, you can reduce heat loss in your Clapham home thanks to the low Window energy ratings. Not only that, you can prevent heat transfer, meaning it’s much less likely that cold air from outside will pass into your home. Double glazing creates a thermal barrier, while the air and water-tight uPVC frames ensure draughts don’t develop inside your home. As a result, you can save money on your household energy bills.

Sliding Sash Windows Earlsfield

Customise Replacement Sash Windows

Our sliding sash windows are functional too. With innovative design and features, you will find they are easy and safe to use. You can opt to add restrictors to the design that stop your fingers getting trapped in the opening, or multi-point locking systems for your security.

And, with weatherproof uPVC profiles, you won’t have to worry about wind or rainwater causing any damage to your design for decades.

High Quality Sash Window Installations in Clapham

When you choose us for replacement sash windows in Clapham, you can also invest in uPVC sliding sash windows for your home with confidence.

We’re proud of our high-quality designs, which is why we offer them with a comprehensive 10-year guarantee. Because of this, you can be sure you’ll get windows you can rely on with Alaskan Windows. And, as a trusted local installer in Clapham and London, we can fit replacement windows with short wait times and at low prices!

Sliding Sash Windows in Clapham

Elegant and Classical Aesthetics

Want a classic addition to your home in Clapham?

Look no further than our uPVC sliding sash windows. With the traditional design that sits flush within the frame, our sash windows look just like old timber ones at first glance. And, with optional sash horns available, you can complete the timeless look.

We also offer stylish and authentic woodgrain foils for our uPVC sliding sash windows that add another touch of class to your Clapham home.

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Improved Energy Efficiency

One of the benefits of uPVC sliding sash windows is that they are much more efficient than old timber designs. While timber can weaken over time, with gaps emerging for cold air to rush through, uPVC windows remain in their shape for decades.

Because of this, you’ll stop cold air from entering your home, prevent draughts and condensation, and even capture more of your home’s natural heat.

Our uPVC sliding sash windows have industry-leading Window Energy Ratings for your Clapham home!

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Should you have any questions, or need any guidance, when it comes to choosing your Clapham sash windows, please do not hesitate to contact us. We have a friendly and helpful team on hand waiting to assist you. There’s no hard sell from our dedicated customer service team, as we thrive on quality and not quantity. We want you to have a relaxed experience that epitomises excellence.

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Sliding Sash Windows Prices, Clapham

How much do sash windows cost in Clapham?

It might be a question that’s stopped you from investing in them in the past. But, with London Sash Windows, you couldn’t find a much better answer.

We’re proud to offer our uPVC sliding sash windows at competitive, affordable prices in Clapham. As a result, you’ll have the ability to enhance your home around your budget, and our team will help you tailor your design to your requirements.

If you’d like to explore our guide prices, then take a look at our detailed price guide for sash window prices in London. You can see the price of all our designs and optional features to put you in control of your investment.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sliding Sash Windows in Clapham

How do you Open a Sash Window?

A traditional sliding sash window is opened by unlocking the window catch, so it is left in the open position. You can find this on the top of the sash. You then press upwards with the palm of your hands to separate the sash from the windowsill. The sash can then be lifted upwards along the sliding tracks from underneath to the aperture you desire.

What is the Sash Part of the Window?

The sash part of the window is the part of the window that opens and moves. A window sash is fitted within the window frame and holds the glass panes together.

Are Sash Windows Energy Efficient?

Sash windows are energy efficient. The sliding sash windows feature a six chambered profile. The unique design will trap warm pockets of air and retaining heat for longer. This enables the windows to achieve an impressive BFRC Window Energy Rating.

What Glass Options Are Available For Sliding Sash Windows?

Modern sash windows are fitted with double glazing as standard but can also offer you secondary glazing. Other glass options that are available for sash windows include insulated glazing, acoustic glazing and decorative or obscure glass designs.

How Do You Open Sash Windows for Cleaning?

Opening a sash window for cleaning can be done in a few simple steps.
1. If the tilt facility is fitted, you can slide the lower sash upwards and release the interlocks between the top and bottom sash. 2. You can then slide the tilt knob towards the centre of the sash and gently pull the sash towards you. 3. You can repeat this with the top sash. This option enables an easy opening to clean your sash windows.

Will uPVC Vertical Sliders Jam?

Unlike timber windows, a uPVC sash window is engineered to function smoothly on vertical sliding tracks, making them very unlikely to stick and jam with everyday use.