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Alaskan Windows offer competitive and unrivalled sash windows prices throughout Fulham.

Our sash window prices in Fulham range from £825 to £1,398, including the cost of installation. The cost of sash windows will change depending on the width, height, colour, glass designs and finish of the unit. Every installation needs to be assessed to be provided with exact sash windows prices.

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GalleryYou can browse our gallery to peruse the different styles of sash windows we provide at Alaskan Sash Windows. We like to be able to give you the chance to envision how they will look on your home in Fulham with a large range for you to choose from. If you have any questions about our sash window range or sash window prices, simply get in touch to find out more. We can also discuss our personalisation options in order to create a bespoke sash window that fits with your ideas and requirements.

How Much Do Sash Windows in Fulham Cost? | Sash Window Prices

Sliding Sash Windows, Fulham Price Guide

The sash windows prices below are based on a choice of white/white woodgrain colour, white/chrome/gold/satin furniture, plant on/run through decorative horns, toughened safety glass, clear/single raised astragal bar and a flat/ogee architrave finish. All prices will include the cost of installation and are a guide price only.

Width Height Colour Furniture Decorative Horns Glass Design Finish Price
500mm-899mm 900mm-1599mm White White Plant on Clear Flat £825-£925
500mm-899mm 900mm-1599mm White Chrome/Gold/Satin Run Through Single Raised Astragal Bar Ogee Architrave £885-£985
500mm-899mm 900mm-1599mm White Woodgrain Chrome/Gold/Satin Run Through Single Raised Astragal Bar Ogee Architrave £985-£1,085
900mm-1199mm 1600mm-2199mm White White Plant On Clear Flat £875-£975
900mm-1199mm 1600mm-2199mm White Chrome/Gold/Satin Run Through Single Raised Astragal Bar Ogee Architrave £955-£1,055
900mm-1199mm 1600mm-2199mm White Woodgrain Chrome/Gold/Satin Run Through Single Raised Astragal Bar Ogee Architrave £1,065-£1,165
1200mm-1600mm 2200mm-2900mm ANY ANY ANY ANY ANY From £1,398

Our 10 Year Guarantee

All of our uPVC sash windows come with a 10-year manufacturers guarantee. This is to give you the peace of mind that our windows will perform for years to come without issue. We’re proud of the durability, security and pleasing aesthetics that our sash windows offer, and it is important to use that we only provide the very highest of standards.

We know that when it comes to replacing the windows in your Fulham home that you will want your sash windows to be good quality, high performance and sit within your budget. We ensure that we offer competitive sash window prices in Fulham for this very reason so that all of our customers can benefit from and enjoy high quality sash windows.

Sash windows are a worthwhile investment and can save you money in the long run, making your home much more energy efficient and acting as great ventilation to control air flow throughout the building. You’ll find that your home stays warmer for longer and maintains a consistent temperature which reduces your reliance on the central heating and can lower your energy costs as well as your carbon footprint.

All sash window prices listed below are a guide for a window size of 500mm – 899mm (width) and 900mm – 1599mm (height).

sash windows prices fulham

How Much Do uPVC Sash Windows Cost in Fulham?

White Sash Window Prices – £825 to £925 per window

Thesought-after after colour is our white sash windows which are created with no lead and come virtually maintenance free. Only requiring a wipe down with a damp cloth every now and then to make sure they are at optimum condition all year round.

Woodgrain Foil Sash Window Prices – £985 to £1085 per window

If you’re looking to replicate the authentic timber effect we can add coloured foils that create a high end and traditional feel. All of our foils are thermally bonded onto the uPVC extrusion to create a grained texture. Our white woodgrain gives a beautiful finish but is also available in Cream, Goldon Oak and Irish Oak.

Colour-On-White Sash Window Prices – £985 to £1085 per window

There are a number of bright colours to choose from for the exterior of your window including: Rosewood, Black Brown, Cream, Golden Oak, Chartwell Green, Anthracite Grey and Irish Oak.

Sash Windows Prices with Astragal Bars –  £885 to £985 per window

You can opt for uPVC sash windows that feature bespoke astragal bar configurations. Many authentic period sash windows feature decorative bar work that is raised on the surface of the window to create defining visual characteristics.

uPVC Sash Window Prices with Run-Through Horns – £895 to £985 per window

You can add decorative horns or you can add a ‘run-through’ horn to create a unique sash window style for your Fulham home. They add character and personality to your windows which draw the eye.

Sash Window Furniture Costs – £885 to £985 per window

Sash window furniture is both practice and visual in function. There are a number of options such as Key operated twist locks, tilt knobs, pole eyes, scroll lifts and travel restrictors.

Despite only the locks and tilt knobs being mandatory to include, we offer all furniture items in white as standard.

Sash Windows Prices with an Ogee Architrave – £885 to £985 per window

Ogee architraves seamlessly blend the window to the surrounding walls, creating an overall aesthetic that is subtle but striking. More traditional properties in Fulham have a picture framed finish as a decorative surround. This helps to enhance the period features of our sash windows and increases the visual appeal.

Sash Window Glass & Glazing Prices in Fulham?

Choosing the right glazing options is important as your property in Fulham can benefit from reduced noise pollution, privacy and thermal efficiency.  Our uPVC sash window prices feature glass upgrades that range from £905 to £1245 per window.

We use toughened safety glass as standard with our A-rated sealed window units. The internal sash window glass pane is coated with a low emissivity coating which is designed to reflect heat back into the room. The outer pane uses a low-iron glass pane which allows for greater solar gain.

Sash Box Removal and Sound Insulation Prices?

Prices for uPVC sash windows including stone wall insulation would start in the region of £985 to £1335 per window.

If you were looking to have your original box sash windows replaced you will need the outer box frame removed to ensure your newly installed windows are of the highest of quality. Original timber sashes were designed with an outer box frame to accommodate the weight required for the operation. Our team will remove these as standard and directly fit the sash window into the brickwork.

Sliding Sash Windows Prices Fulham

Sash Windows Prices – Premium Materials

We only use the very best materials and our manufacturing techniques comprise of contemporary and advanced methods. The installation of your sash windows is important in order for your home to benefit from the advantages that newly installed windows can bring.

Our expert team have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to installing high quality sash windows into any property type. Our pricing is highly competitive, and our sash windows will be installed to the highest of standards.

Our sash windows achieve an impressive lifespan, which allows you to enjoy an exceptional degree of durability. This means that they will continue to perform in both aesthetic and function even after extensive use or exposure to adverse weather.

The Benefit of Sash Windows at Competitive Prices

Innovative Design – Our range of sash windows offer an innovative and state-of-the-art design. You can add character and personality to any property type in Fulham, giving a stylish and classic appearance. You can make your sash windows completely unique to you and your personal taste.

Georgian Sash Windows If you would prefer an authentic period appearance, our replica Georgian sash windows combine traditional aesthetics with all of the modern benefits that uPVC provides. We create them with authentic Georgian bars to give you the period look without the costly upkeep of traditional timber.

Replacement Sash Windows We’re knowledgeable when it comes to replacing sash windows for period properties or homes in conservation areas. The criteria our sash windows have to meet is strict however our designs tick all of the boxes and have been designed specifically to seamlessly blend with listed homes and properties.

High-Performance Sash Window Solutions

Alaskan sash windows specialise in the installation of beautiful double-glazed sash windows in Fulham that are a highly sought-after home improvement product. With a traditional and timeless design incorporated with all of the modern functionality and technology, they result in a stunning finish with excellent performance. The reason for their popularity is obvious, offering a simple and clean design that oozes class and sophistication.

Sash Windows Prices: What’s On Offer?

Sliding Sash Windows

Sash windows consist of two sashes which can be slid vertically to make an opening, making them a popular and easy to use window choice for your Fulham home. Inherent in British architecture, they were introduced in the late 17th century and were a staple fashion item for centuries. Sash windows have come a long way since then with the advancement in uPVC, aluminium and other materials that are now available instead of traditional timber. This means that homes are no longer plagued with issues such as rotting, warping or swelling.

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Is uPVC More Expensive Than Other Materials?

uPVC sash windows are more affordable than traditional timber or wooden sash windows. They are low maintenance and affordable replacements for homeowners looking to replace the old classic design. Not only is the price better, but they also offer a longer lifespan.

What Styles of Sash Windows are there?

There are 3 main types of sash windows available on the UK market. The styles include Georgian sash windows, Edwardian sash windows and Victorian sash windows.

How Can I Improve the Security of My Sash Windows?

All of our uPVC sash windows come equipped with state of the art key locking mechanisms and are more secure than the classic timber sash windows. Sash catches will secure the bottom sash, while sash stops allow the windows to be opened partially for ventilation with little room for unwanted visitors. We offer different glazing options which will also help.

Are Sash Windows Energy Efficient?

Sash windows are energy efficient. The sliding sash windows feature a six chambered profile. The unique design will trap warm pockets of air and retaining heat for longer. This enables the windows to achieve an impressive BFRC Window Energy Rating.

Should I Repair or Replace Sash Windows?

You can repair sash windows but you should replace them. You may notice that over time, you’ll spend more money on repairing the window, making it a less cost effective option. Replacing an entire window will be the most cost effective solution, as our sash windows have been carefully crafted to stand the test of time and are competitively priced. The modern design will not rot, warp, fade or crack, meaning you can enjoy your new windows for years, without the need to repair or replace them.

Sash Window Prices in Fulham

We can assist you with the best type or recommend sash windows to suit your Fulham property.

We don’t engage in any hard sell techniques and would rather you take your time to think about what sash windows would be best for you before you decide on the suitable solution for your home improvement project. We’ll be on hand when you do!

You can use our free online quote service to get a tailored double-glazing sash window price. All you need to do is select your design choices and our calculator will give you a bespoke quote instantly.

Our range of sash windows offer a luxury look and feel without the designer price tag. We offer competitive and budget-friendly prices as we believe all of our customers in Fulham should be able to enjoy stunning sash windows.